Imagine a soft-boiled twist on detective Sam Spade as a liberal alcoholic female social worker and you’ll begin to get a sense of the originality of Sylvia Jensen, the dysfunctionally unstoppable protagonist of Dorothy Van Soest’s new novel At the Center. With moments of heart-pounding tension and others of heartbreaking poignancy, the tale follows Jensen’s guilt-ridden mission to expose and right the terrible injustices of a child-welfare system more concerned with self-protection than protecting the children under its care—who are turning up dead. The fast-moving plot and sharply drawn political and moral conflicts grabbed me by the heart and dragged me through to its surprising conclusion. —Shawn Lawrence Otto, award-winning author of Sins of Our Fathers.


Just Mercy, the story of a grieving mother whose teenage daughter is brutally murdered, exquisitely portrays the complexity and difficulty of forgiveness and its power take us to the inescapable truth that we are all connected. Bernadette Baker and her family will touch your heart and shake your soul so that, regardless of your position, you will never feel the same about the issue of the death penalty. Just Mercy is grounded in Dorothy Van Soest’s insight about the role of grief in the lives of both victims and offenders and the healing potential of restorative dialogue. This family drama is a must-read that teaches us about the true nature of justice and our very humanity. —Sr. Helen Prejean, csj, Author of Dead Man Walking


The Global Crisis of Violence: Common Problems, Universal Causes, Shared Solutions

This book helps us to “think globally” while providing many useful models for how to “act locally.”    — Fred Newdom, President, ProAct Consulting

A “must read” – Lowell Jenkins, Colorado State University

Diversity Education for Social Justice

Diversity Education for Social Justice: Mastering Teaching Skills, 2nd Edition critically examines educational processes related to social justice in classroom instruction, student development, social change, and contemporary social work practice and presents numerous teaching paradigms and methodologies. 

“This book at last forges the missing link: the connection between cultural diversity and cultural competence and the mission of social work education. A major reference for social work educators.” —Doman Lum, CSU-Sacramento

Social Work Practice for Social Justice

Social Work Practice for Social Justice is intended as a student guide to Diversity Education for Social Justice: Mastering Teaching Skills.
This book challenges us to be real! It brings to our attention two major barriers to achieving cultural competence—the institutionalized inequities in our society and our reluctance to acknowledge the personal privilege that those inequities convey upon us personally. –Vivian Jackson, Georgetown University

Sheila’s Trifecta

Sheila’s Trifecta invites the reader to examine, question, feel, and participate in the meaning of profound psychological and spiritual ideas through the everyday lives and struggles of three women.

This book will remind you of your own life struggles and how you have grown because of them. I found myself celebrating the basic humanness that is in all of us.
John Bradshaw, New York Times #1 Bestselling Author

Challenges of Violence Worldwide

Challenges of Violence Worldwide, a Curriculum Guide for Teachers and an Educational Resource for students

In spite of our violent past, I think there’s something in the human spirit that yearns for peace. If statesmen and generals can’t stop violence, maybe social workers can. This important book puts tools in their hands.” — Charles Kuralt